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Energetic and inert nanomaterials

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Pure materials and mixtures
Synthesis by continuous crystallization:
- Ultrasonic transducers
- Spraying and flash evaporation

Contact: Denis Spitzer <>

Laboratory-scale nanocrystallization installation.
Laboratory-scale nanocrystallization installation.


The goal of this research is to obtain nanostructured energetic charges (explosives and propulsive powders) with a high performance, high reliability and a strong mechanical stability without adding an inert binder. They can be produced in industrial quantities.

Given the small quantities in which the process is being carried out at first, the first targeted applications are detonators and igniters. In the civil sector, we are targeting nanomedicine (also nanodiamond synthesis) and phytosanitary applications.

Example SEM micrographs of nanocrystallized products
Example SEM micrographs of nanocrystallized products
Nanoparticles of explosives (left) and inert organic materials (right) can be prepared by our nanocrystallization process.

- develop a nanocrystallization process that can be easily upscaled
- prepare less sensitive energetic nanomaterials
- extend the process to synthesize inert materials
- crystallize nanocomposite matrices (two-component charges and propulsive powders)